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Not coming back from hiatus!

Okay guys, this was a semi tough decision for me, but I've decided not to bring karengillan_ic back from hiatus. I never really got it off the ground and running smoothly, which is a shame (damn you real life!). I'm not going to delete the community in case somewhere down the track I decide to work on building it up again.

In the mean time, I suggest you go to karenstills and make that community work. Challenge one is already up and they could use some more members to help it get off the ground. I would like to see it work. It'd be great to have a smoothly running and active icontest for Karen Gillan.

thanks ~kirrilee_t


Temporary Hiatus

Hi guys, due to real life being chaotic and a lack of entries etc, I'm putting the community on a short hiatus. During the hiatus I will be taking the time to catch up on banners, prepare some new challenges in advanced and just get everything into a more organised format for myself.

Sometime in the next week I will be posting winners for the reminder banner challenge, since that needs to be wrapped up. The open challenge will stay open for if you feel like entering icons. When we come back I will give an official deadline for that challenge and post the voting, because I don't want to leave the challenge with some entries but nothing else to do with it.

The hiatus will cover the month of July.

I will be back on August 1st or 2nd with fixing up the current challenge and all that jazz. Take the time to enjoy your holidays if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, or to snuggle up under blankets if you're in the Southern Hemisphere.

I'm sorry for being such a fail worthy mod these past couple of months. But I promise that when we come back, we will come back better than before!


Challenge #002 - Amy Pond!

Challenge #002 - Amy Pond!

Who's our favourite female companion of 2010?! - Amy Pond of course!
This challenge will focus on the character of Amy Pond. I will be providing you with some images (in the next day or so...) but you may find your own. - The catch? It has to be from one of the first 3 episodes!
Since this is our first Amy Pond challenge, lets keep it to just Amy appearing in the icons (No Doctor, Rory or Van Gough sorry!).

These episodes have been iconed a lot by now, but remember to use only new icons. Try to be creative and original as much as you can!

Challenge Rules:
+You may submit up to 4 icons for this challenge.
+You may use the images provided OR find your own.
+Icons MUST be new for this challenge.
+Please do not show your icons to anyone else before the results are posted.

+Icons must fit LJ Standards (40kb, 100x100px, .jpg/.png/.gif)
+No animation. This is a stillness icontest.
+Brushes, text and textures are all permitted and encouraged.
+You may use an image more than once, providing the icons are noticeably different.
+You must be a member of the community to enter.
+Please submit your entries to this post - the url isn't necissary!

Voting - Challenge #01

Sorry this is late. Real life got in the way. But here is the voting for Challenge #01!

Voting Rules:
+Do not vote for yourself or ask anyone else to vote for you.
+Anyone can vote, they just need to have an LJ.
+Vote in the poll, not in the comments.
+Ask your friends to vote, but do not tell them which are yours.
+Vote for THREE (3) top icons and for One in each of the special categories
+Vote fairly. Give all icons a good look.

EntriesCollapse )

The new challenge will be posted either later tonight, or tomorrow.


REMINDER! The current challenge could still use a few more entries. Voting will be posted on Sunday night or Monday, so get your entries in before Sunday to be safe!!

See the entry [here]



I didn't post any reminders, and we could do with a few more entries, so I'm extending challenge #1 one more week.

Entries are due Sunday june 6th, Midnight GMT

See the entry HERE


Challenge #1

We only have 17 members (I was hoping for 20 before I posted this) but I figured that maybe once there actually is a challenge up and running, that there would be more people willing to sign up.

Challenge #1 is not a Doctor Who challenge. Everywhere else is doing Doctor Who challenges (I know, I'm helping run two of them). Karen is gorgeous, and as well as an actress, she's a model. These pictures I'm providing for Challenge #1 are not of her modelling, or from Doctor Who but are from the DW tour of the UK.

The deadline for this challenge is Sunday May 30th, Midnight GMT.

Since it is the first challenge I wouldn't be surprised if I have to extend it, although I'm hoping I wont have to. Minimum requirements for me to post voting is 10+ icons from 4 or more members.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Remember, that if people comment on a post with your name as the person who recommended them to the community, you may earn points to use during voting. For more information on this please visit this post

Promotion stuff!

Hi guys, I'm hoping we can get this icontest underway soon, but before we can, we need some more members! So I'm urging you all to promote this community over at your own journals or communities run by you.

Challenge 1 will be posted when we have 20 members.

How about a little friendly game to convince you of why you should promote us!

Up until the end of the first challenge, if someone comments on this post or any other posts made after this saying you have referred them, you shall get one point per person who gives your username as the person who recommended them. These points may then be redeemed either during voting of Challenge 1 or 2 and used to vote for any icon of your choosing -even one of your own!
Main Rules:
You may earn up to 5 points.
The person MUST put your username in a comment
If I find you trying to earn points by using a second account owned by you, you will earn no points.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them!

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions about/for karengillan_ic please feel free to leave a comment here.


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